Our man Bachzynski, Before Bowlarama went mainstream


Martin Girotto
Sammy Giles Part

This part of Sammy Giles is amazing. Full throttle, hard slams and some proper bangers. Sammy is a very fun human, but this gnarly side of him is unexpected if you don't know him. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Martin Girotto
Slice of Life by Leigh Bolton

Slice of Life is a film by Leigh Bolton, one of Australia's talented filmers. This film features George Simmons, Tommy Fynn & SHFC's Marty Girotto. This was almost a decade ago and a great era of skating. We hope you enjoy this film and many more to come. 

Martin Girotto
Wesbite Release & Ryan Baczynski Bro Model

We are psyched to announce the opening of our official SHFC website. Also, with this exciting announcement comes the release of Ryan Baczynski's Bro Model board. 

And there is no better way to celebrate than with this rad clip. 

 Ryan Baczynski's Bro Model is now available from our online store and in selected skate shops across Aus. 

Martin GirottoComment
SHFC South Coast Trip

Join Sam Giles, Ryan Baczynski, Marty Girotto and Lennon Strachan as they venture down the South Coast of NSW. Full speed hill bombs, rough ground, sleeping under stars and some victory beers. This is definitely skateboarding at its purest form. 

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